The Two Thousand Words initiative was created in mid-July of 2015 and has since then been growing and attracting readers and writers from all around the world. Hosted in Medium, the publication places special focus and emphasis on stories (both fiction and non-fiction) that relay stories about anything concerning the human condition - stories about love, life, death, and everything else in between. That being said, the range of stories within the publication is also as wide and diverse as the people within it. We host and curate a wide variety of stories that is only limited by the imagination of the writer.

Two Thousand Words has since then expanded to Blasting News, an online magazine which hosts a wide variety of news and stories from all around the world. This is where one can find non-fiction stories under the Two Thousand Words brand.

The publication was created with the purpose to connect people from all around the globe through stories which relate experiences and emotions and make both the reader and the writer feel more connected to the ever growing community of storytellers online - to connect through literature, people separated by geography, community, nations, and generations. Thanks to Blasting News, our publishing platform, this has become a reality.

Two Thousand Words is continually expanding and is always in need of writers and storytellers who have something to say in the form of stories. The world is run and reality is created by storytellers - we hope to be able to deliver on these premises.

If you want to join our team of writers and publish your stories under the #TwoThousandWords brand, you can contact us at

Two Thousand Words has been founded by Noel Mozart Diaz - an undergrad student from the University of the Philippines. His passion for writing is what drove him to create and run the Two Thousand Words publication.

Happy writing & Happy reading!