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Capitals vs Lightning: Tampa Bay, Washington head to decisive game 7

With the series even after four games, Washington and Tampa Bay traded victories in front of hometown fans.
After the Washington Capitals shot off to a 2-0 series over the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning both games in Tampa, the Lightning returned the favor, winning 2 in a row in Washington to even the series...
22 May 2018 -
J. . Campbell

Inaugural seasons from previous nine expansion teams prior to Golden Knights

How did the NHL expansion teams since 1990 fare in their inaugural season?
It’s safe to say the Vegas Golden Knights have exceeded all expectations in their inaugural season. With their 3-0 victory over the Sharks on Sunday, they have now advanced to the Western Conference...
7 May 2018 -
K. Kluska

Are the Vegas Golden Knights the biggest surprise in sports over the past year?

The newest major sports franchise in the United States did something very few expansion teams have ever done.
The Vegas Golden Knights are on their way to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in their history...a history that is not even a season old. Back in June of 2017 the brand new Golden...
7 May 2018 -
A. Patt
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    The tension is building all around the Washington DC metropolitan area. No, it’s not due to any sort of Russian collusion or the North Korean nuclear weapons program. Area residents are wondering if...
    7 May 2018
    J. . Campbell
  • Never a dull moment between the Capitals & Penguins

    Between Washington and Pittsburgh, when it comes to hockey, there’s never any love lost.
    It’s another NHL post-season, and everyone should have predicted another face-off between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals. They are meeting for the third straight time in the...
    4 May 2018
    J. . Campbell
  • Capitals, Lighting series heads to pivotal game 5

    The Capitals are returning to Tampa Bay after dropping 2 straight on their home ice.
    Is it any wonder that fans of the Washington Capitals are always waiting for disaster? The excitement was palpable in Washington DC as the Capitals prepared for two home games after taking a 2-0...
    19 May 2018
    J. . Campbell
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