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Trump responds to deadly Florida bridge collapse on Twitter, backfires instantly

Donald Trump decided to tweet out his thoughts about the recent bridge collapse in Florida, but didn't get the best reaction.
On Thursday morning in Miami, Florida, a bridge collapsed causing at least once death and multiple injuries. In response, Donald Trump decided to give his thoughts on social media. Trump on bridge...
15 March 2018 -
R. Sobel

Could Jax Taylor be quitting 'Vanderpump Rules?'

Jax Taylor has gotten a job offer in Florida and wants to be closer to his family.
Has Jax Taylor had enough of reality television after dealing with years of backlash due to his behavior on "Vanderpump Rules"? Following a number of shocking on-screen moments, including his...
20 March 2018 -
L. Cronin

Under-construction pedestrian bridge collapses over a Miami highway

Collapse of an under-construction pedestrian bridge connecting Florida International University to a student housing area kills at least six.
The sudden collapse of the 950-ton bridge that connected Florida International University to a student housing area took everyone by surprise. At least six were killed and several vehicles were...
17 March 2018 -
P. Ghose
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  • Students plan gun control march to push for strict measures

    Inaction on the part of the authorities over introducing strict gun control measures is forcing the students to take up the cause.
    Students in the United States appear to be unnerved at the growing incidents of gun violence in schools, and the hesitation on the part of the administration to enforce strict gun control measures....
    18 March 2018
    P. Ghose
  • NRA sues Florida lawmakers for enacting new gun restrictions

    The NRA argues that the new bill goes against the Second and Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution.
    The National Rifle Association (NRA) filed a lawsuit on Friday against Florida lawmakers' approval of broader gun-control and school security measures, Vox News reported. According to the lawsuit...
    11 March 2018
    M. Wanjiru
  • Mass walkout of students against inaction over gun control

    Last month a gunman walked into a school in Florida and shot dead 17 persons and the authorities are yet to introduce firm remedial measures.
    The lawmakers are hesitant to take a tough stand on strict gun control measures to ensure safety in schools. This is a matter of concern for the students. Therefore, the survivors of the Marjory...
    15 March 2018
    P. Ghose
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  • Florida passes bill to tighten gun control after the Parkland school massacre

    The gun-school safety bill has been passed by Florida lawmakers with 67 supporting it and 50 opposing it.
    The massacre of 17 persons in the high school in Parkland has led to the creation of a bill to ensure the safety of school children from gun violence. The bill has been approved by the state's second...
    8 March 2018
    P. Ghose
  • Donald Trump assures of action to prevent gun-related violence

    In the course of a meeting with governors, Donald Trump talked about gun control and indicated that the NRA is with the administration.
    The shooting inside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that killed 17 persons is another incidence of gun violence in the United States. Students took to the streets to protest...
    27 February 2018
    P. Ghose
  • Gun debate: Companies who have put restrictions on gun sales

    The debate on gun violence intensifies as gun sellers and others impose restrictions on sale of the weapons.
    The shooting incident in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people has forced the authorities to have a look at the existing gun control laws and consider changes. The gunman was a 19-year-old man, and...
    2 March 2018
    P. Ghose
  • Donald Trump's reactions to the Florida school shootings

    What are the President's future plans for addressing the gun crisis in America?
    In the past week, we have seen a massive surge in people standing in solidarity with the victims of the Florida school shooting, which happened on February 14 and voicing their opinions towards the...
    24 February 2018
    J. Michael
  • 10 Congressmen Who Earn The Most From The NRA

    After the most recent shooting in Florida, heads are turning to the politicians who benefit most from our current gun control laws.
    After the most recent school shooting in America, the debate on our current gun control regulations in America has been reignited. Last week, in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland,...
    22 February 2018
    E. Nolan
  • Despite opposition, school shooting survivors' passion grows stronger

    Florida teen activists continue making their voices heard about guns and school safety.
    Every movement is born of humanity and geared toward improving the quality of life. As such, it goes without saying, that the success of the most powerful movements chiseled in US history were...
    23 February 2018
    B. Gervais
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