The whole planet is waiting for Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - a new POTUS will be elected - and the future of planet Earth will be indirectly shaped for at least 4 years. However, the political circus has already began, in fact some of the candidates are perceived more as reality-tv stars - Donald Trump constant controversies and morally-dubious statements have make him popular inside and outside the US.

While people in Europe or overseas are trembling about the possibility of a character like Donald Trump being elected, to be fair, it makes the 2016 US elections madness a bit more fun - we were all a bit tired of Hilary's story anyways. Unfortunately, figures like Trump have eclipsed other candidates: the democratic socialist, many don't even know his name; Kasich, some of us didn't even know he existed...

Therefore, we need amazing writers from the US to throw some light on this whole process and enlighten the rest of the world about what's really going on, whether you are a "Trumper", a democrat, republican or none of the above, we want to read your news/opinions!

To make it more fun, we decided to launch a contest (22nd February - 31st March): Participate and become the King Maker of Blasting News!

How to enter?

- Write articles (news or opinion) on the presidential elections and the crucial political debate
- Tag them with #democrats-vs-republicans
- Spread your articles on all the main Social Networks


Who wins?

The top three blasters who get the most social views in a 30-day period will win a special bonus (on top of the regular compensation). The more articles you write, the better chance you have as the competition is based on the total number of social visitors across all your work.


How much the Special Bonus is?

1st place: $200
2nd place and 3rd place: $50



The competition starts on February, 22nd and ends on March, 31st


What are you waiting for? Start writing now and get sharing your #democrats-vs-republicans articles now to be in it to win it!

PS: Avoid any unnatural traffic, bots or other spammy activities (such as raising huge volumes of traffic from unrelated countries). We monitor any single bite and we don't tolerate frauds.