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MLB: Chicago Cubs baffled by silly uniform rules

Several members of the Chicago Cubs have been informed they have violated MLB uniform policy.
Over the last few days, several players for the Chicago Cubs have been told what they have worn on the field is not up to the MLB code of conduct. These players include Ben Zobrist and just today,...
15 May 2018 -
A. Patt

MLB Trade Rumors: Manny Machado trade to Chicago Cubs predicted

An ESPN expert is "betting the farm" on a Machado trade to the Cubs before the MLB trade deadline.
MLB trade rumors have taken an interesting turn. A Manny Machado trade to the Chicago Cubs is gaining traction on the sports shows. Thursday (May 17) on ESPN, baseball analyst Buster Olney spoke about...
17 May 2018 -
R. C. Devault

Seattle Mariners Rumors: Robinson Cano injury update not good at all

Cano was hit by a pitch while playing against the Detroit Tigers on May 13.
Seattle Mariners rumors have been confirmed by the team. The Robinson Cano injury is just as bad as it looked on television. The news has come down that Cano broke the fifth metacarpal in his right...
13 May 2018 -
R. C. Devault
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  • Robinson Cano Suspension: Seattle Mariners let down, fans frustrated

    Major League Baseball is reportedly ready to suspend Cano for half of the 2018 MLB season.
    Robinson Cano has been suspended for 80 games by Major League Baseball. The Seattle Mariners will lose their second baseman even longer than before. It was just revealed by MLB that Cano failed a...
    15 May 2018
    R. C. Devault
  • Gleyber Torres is already a superstar

    The New York Yankees' rookie recorded his biggest hit yet on Sunday afternoon.
    In recent years, the New York Yankees have changed personnel tactics. Rather than throw money at every free agent with a respectable WAR, they decided to develop their farm system and acquire top...
    6 May 2018
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Seattle Mariners Rumors: Ichiro Suzuki to play for team in 2019 MLB season

    There is still a lot of chatter about the future of Ichiro with the Mariners and Major League Baseball taking place on social media.
    Seattle Mariners rumors about Ichiro Suzuki and the 2019 MLB season are still getting discussed. Recent Mariners news revealed that Ichiro was beginning to transition to a new role in the front office...
    8 May 2018
    R. C. Devault
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