The latest round of polls sees the chances of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders brightening. He now joins former vice president Joe Biden to sit among the top Democrats in the Democratic Party race for the White House. Unless there is a major upset, one of them could get the nomination for president 2020 and face Donald Trump. This is the finding of the latest round of polls conducted by SSRS from January 16 through 19. It was on a sample size of 1,156 adults interviewed via phone. Incidentally, this is the first time Biden has failed to hold a solo lead in the race.

CNN gives the breakdown. bernie sanders has the backing of 27 percent of registered voters who either belong to the Democratic Party or are Democratic-leaning independents. Joe Biden, on his part, had to be content with 24 percent. The margin of difference is such that it's difficult to declare a clear leader in this poll. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren slipped in the ranking with 14 percent votes. The gain for Sanders was seven points when compared with the last round of polls held in December and it helped Bernie Sanders widen the distance with Warren.

Bernie Sanders makes substantial gains

Possibilities of Bernie Sanders being nominated has not changed much. It was 39 percent in October and 38 percent now. For others in the fray, it has gone down. In the case of Joe Biden, the drop is nine points to 34 percent. In the case of Elizabeth Warren, it dropped 12 points to 29 Percent.

Another aspect is the perception of voters. Sanders usually agrees with voters on important issues and appears to be more understanding of problems that the people face. However, when it comes to the question of who has the best chance to defeat Donald Trump, the scales tip in favor of Joe Biden at 45 percent with Sanders at 24 percent.

Fr Saunders, it was 16 percent in December and it has gone up.

CNN also mentions issues that Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents feel are important to them. Health care tops the list followed by climate change, gun policy, economy, immigration, and foreign policy. In the camp of Republicans and Republican-leaners, the priorities differ. It is but natural as they do not see eye to eye with each other. To them, the top three slots go to economy, gun policy and immigration.

They feel issues like health care and climate change are not so serious

People like Bernie Sanders

According to Vanity Fair, Bernie Sanders had earned the label of a person “nobody likes.” That appears to be changing. He tops the latest survey, which is a reflection of the momentum he has been able to build up in recent months. It also suggests that his rivals are unable to trip him up. Obviously, people have begun to like him. He suffered a heart attack in October and there were doubts about his participation in the race to the White House but he has returned to the campaign trail and is going strong. He has succeeded in pulling away from Warren and while others have stumbled or dropped out, Sanders has been emerging as the candidate to look out for.

Can Bernie Sanders deliver?

The Democratic Party wants to deny a second term to Donald Trump and there were many in the race in the initial stages. Gradually, the list has reduced. With the finals fast approaching, Americans will no doubt keep their eyes glued to the TV screens and watch the remaining debates to make their final decision. It will be on whether Bernie Sanders is the best-suited candidate to occupy the White House. The outcome will possibly depend on how voters prioritize various issues like health care, climate change, and gun policy. These are topics that could have a direct bearing on the wellbeing of everyday people.