Jay Inslee is the latest Democrat to launch his 2020 presidential bid. He feels riding the wave of climate change will boost his chances. He wants to make the issue of combating climate change his priority because he feels there must be a new perception on the subject. He released a video to announce his candidature and reiterated that his bid for the White House will revolve around this single issue that he described as “the most urgent challenge of our time.” World leaders have realized that the menace of climate change is a serious affair. They drew up the 2015 Paris accord but the United States did not sign it.

The Washington Post reports Jay Inslee highlighted the fact that a successful fight against climate change will pave the way for all round prosperity. He made mention of areas like health care, national security and racial justice that are linked to climate change.

Inslee selects a very appropriate subject

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has selected a very appropriate subject for his 2020 presidential bid. He announced his decision to contest at an event in Seattle and the venue coincidentally was a solar installation company. This is significant because solar energy is a form of Renewable Energy that can provide much-needed relief from the evils of climate change.

Fossil fuels play havoc with the environment and contribute to global warming. A large number of industries are fossil-fuel based and dependence on such harmful fuels must reduce.

The Washington Post goes on to add that Inslee vowed that if elected president, he would ensure a complete overhaul of the system.

He pointed out that a section of the people are forced to live near pollution-spewing plants and have to bear the brunt of climate change. While announcing his decision to contest, he revealed some of his accomplishments and indicated that these could be extended at the national level.

Field for Democrats is crowded

According to the BBC, Washington State's Democratic Governor 68-year-old Jay Inslee has added his name to the list of hopefuls in the 2020 presidential bid.

There are already 12 other Democrats and six of them are senators with a couple of women. Inslee is a two-term governor and has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. That could explain his choice of climate change as the oar to steer him into the White House.

Others in the fray are the women, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris who is known as the female Barack Obama. The men include Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders. The competition will be tough and it will be interesting to see who clears the hurdles and gets the final nod to take on Donald Trump. Will America get its first woman president in 2020?