There is at least one Sinkhole, steadily increasing in size, on the White House lawn. The Washington Post reports that White House correspondents [VIDEO] spotted a sinkhole in the ground outside the press briefing room, close to press secretary Hogan Gidley’s office. There may also be another sinkhole, as well, according to the Post. Voice of America reporter Steve Herman tweeted that he detected the pit on the White House lawn last week and that this sinkhole is now growing larger.

Growing sinkholes are no laughing matter.

Sinkholes have been known to swallow up entire homes.

National Geographic reports that sinkholes are caused by erosion, may appear with little notice, and have "devastating consequences." However, according to the Washington Post, the National Park Service does not consider this particular sinkhole a viable threat to the presidential home. Still, the White House sinkhole is becoming a metaphor for the state of the administration, the nation, and the world.

For example, Esquire reported that, according to Christian scripture, the sinkhole could be a sign of the end of times. Esquire's source regarding this interpretation of the White House sinkhole is the website, Revelation Now. That site focuses on supernatural signs of the apocalypse, and notes the appearance of sinkholes in the world, overall, seems "to be trending up." They then suggest that some sinkholes may not be quite natural.

The website further notes that sinkholes were used as instruments of divine justice in the Bible, such as an instance where Moses states in the book of Numbers that when "the earth opens its mouth and swallows [men] up with all that belongs to them, and they go down alive into the pit, then you will understand that these men have rejected the Lord." However, given the sinkhole's location, it is unlikely that it will swallow everything on the White House lawn up, regardless of what Esquire may surmise regarding a coming end of the world.

Donald Trump is no stranger to sinkholes.

Indeed, our 45th president has been besieged by sinkholes in the past. According to Time Magazine, a sinkhole opened up about a year ago in front President Trump's personal Florida golf club estate, Mar-a-Lago. Despite causing some traffic delays in Palm Beach, this Florida sinkhole appears to have left the president and his estate unharmed. Perhaps then we can be assured that, among the many obstacles that the American chief executive has faced in his term of office, the White House sinkhole will remain a small one, and does not signify the end of times.