"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has decided to do away with any more baby daddy drama and reveals she is really considering using a sperm donor when she is ready to become pregnant with baby No. 4. Radar Online reports that Kailyn Lowry is totally down with having more kids, but she is through with men when it comes to fathering her children. It is just too many headaches and a lot of unwanted and unnecessary drama.

'Teen Mom 2' drama disrupts filming

Who can blame her? It is obvious that Lowry has just about all the drama she can handle just from being on "Teen Mom 2" alone. Throw in the baby daddy drama and it is a sure recipe for disaster.

This is the main reason Kail feels that a sperm bank is the way to go in this case. Life is tough for Kailyn. She has three boys with three different men. Son, Issac, eigh, with Joe Rivera, Lincoln, four, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and baby Lux, who is not quite a year yet with Chris Lopez.

Enough is enough according to Kailyn Lowry

It definitely appears to be way more than most women would want to handle in this case. Trying to co-parent with an ex is nerve-racking enough and doing it on reality television for the world to see and judge is just insanity. Not only has Kailyn Lowry revealed she is thinking about adding a fourth child to her family, she reveals she is so busy being a mom she has no time to date even if she wanted to. This is also a good reason to consider using a sperm bank.

However, it may be a good idea for Kail to hold off a while longer before adding another child to the mix for a couple of reasons. First off, her life has been very chaotic. As previously reported, Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus had some major drama over the past weekend in NYC. The "Teen Mom 2" cast was in New York to film the upcoming "Teen Mom 2" reunion and all hell broke loose.

There was a violent physical confrontation [VIDEO] on stage between Brianna DeJesus, her sister Brittany, and Kailyn Lowry. Punches were thrown and security was forced to rush the stage to break up the squabbling moms. The whole event upset the other "Teen Mom 2" cast members so much, including Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer, that Houska reportedly exited the film set and refused to return for filming [VIDEO] for fear another fight would break out and she or her unborn baby may be injured. From the sounds of the entire weekend, the reunion filming trip appears to have been a complete bust. MTV production has some major issues on their hands and a lot of tough decisions to make about the cast.

As it stood, the reunion was already being filmed without resident troublemaker Jenelle Evans [VIDEO], who reportedly filmed from home after a disagreement with the producers. It has also been rumored that Leah, Chelsea, and Kailyn have been talking about quitting due to all of Jenelle's issues. Now last, but not least, Briana DeJesus has also reportedly quit "Teen Mom 2" following the brawl with Kailyn. It certainly sounds as if MTV has a lot of work to do if it is going to save the fate of the popular reality series "Teen Mom 2." Who knows, they may all end up unemployed before they know it. What are your thoughts on all the latest mama drama surrounding the show?