Donald Trump has handed out awards to the network and reporters that he thinks have produced the most "fake news" over the last year. Despite this, one host on his favorite network is speaking out against [VIDEO]the president.

Fox News on "fake news"

It all started during the early days of his campaign for president when Donald Trump planted the seat of anger against the majority of the mainstream media. After Trump referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers" during his campaign announcement, the media become aggressive in their coverage to hold his feet to the fire. During the remainder of the election, Trump's war of words against the press only escalated, as he repeatedly called out the media during his campaign rallies, while going a far as singling out networks and reporters during his Twitter rants.

Following his election win over Hillary Clinton, the feud between both sides heated up, with many accusing the new president of working with Russia as they hacked into the Democratic National Committee just months earlier. Trump responded by labeling any reports he didn't agree with as "fake news" which led to the creation of the first annual "Fake News Awards." As the president revealed the results, the issue was discussed [VIDEO] during the January 17 edition of "The Five" on Fox News.

(Williams' remarks about Trump start around 3:00 in the above video)

While joining his fellow co-hosts on "The Five" on Wednesday, Juan Williams decided to once again break from the more conservative slant of the network to rip into Donald Trump for being the biggest producer of "fake news." "How about this? Trump should get the lifetime achievement award for fake news,” Williams said to the cringe his co-hosts.

Juan Williams went on to list several examples of Trump "fake news." "The birther movement, Obamacare is dead, right? How about Obama is wiretapping Trump Tower? Remember that one?" Williams said. "How about this one. The biggest inaugural crowd ever. I won in a landslide?" Williams went on to say, before adding, "What about 6.6 percent economic growth?" "This guy just makes up stuff and should be crowned the fountainhead of fake news," he concluded.

Next up

As the argument over who the king of "fake news" really is moves forward, it doesn't appear that Donald Trump and his supporters will be willing to hold back their criticism of the mainstream media. With Trump headed into his second year as president, only time will tell how the feud plays out.