On Wednesday, 28-year-old Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was criticized for a sexist phrase said to female reporter Jourdan Rodrigue at a news conference, BBC reported.

Jourdan Rodrigue, from the Charlotte Observer, asked Newton about wide receiver Devin Funchess' route running and Newton's relationship with him. Before answering the question, Newton noted twice that it was "funny to hear a female" speaking about football. Later, Rodrigue shared her feelings on social media.

Reaction to the scandal

On her Twitter page, Jourdan Rodrigue wrote that it was not funny to be a woman.

She added that it was her job. Rodrigue stressed that she was "dismayed" by Newton's reply. She said that Newton's attitude also belittled other women, who have similar jobs. The reporter said that Newton would not keep her from this work. She noted that she sought Newton out, but talking with him after the conference was even worse, and the sportsman did not apologize.

According to the NFL's statement, Cam Newton's words "did not reflect the thinking of the league." Brian McCarthy, the NFL spokesman, stated that Newton's comments were "plain wrong and disrespectful to the exceptional female reporters and all journalists," the Telegraph reported.

A spokesman for the Carolina Panthers -- Steven Drummond -- said that Cam Newton spoke to the offended reporter after the news conference and expressed his sorrow to Jourdan Rodrigue for the rash words.

What is Cam Newton famous for?

Cam Newton was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a famous football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). His popularity has increased over the last few years. Newton is the first quarterback in the league to throw for more than 400 yards. He is also the first rookie to break the 4,000-yard passing mark.

The quarterback led the team to Super Bowl 50 and got the title of the NFL's most valuable player two years ago.

Newton has been playing for the Carolina Panthers for six years. Recently, Newton's rating among NFL players went down. In 2016, the quarterback completed 52.9 percent of his passes, a bad result in that category.

He threw 19 touchdown passes, while in 2015 he threw 35.

He passed for 882 yards with five touchdowns in 2017, the Guardian reported. In March 2017, Newton had surgery on his shoulder to repair a partially torn rotator cuff. It will be interesting to see how the Panthers fare this season.