First lady Melania Trump headed to Florida wearing Chanel flat shoes as she visited the victims of Hurricane Irma, according to AOL. She decided to tone down her fashion from what she wore during her visit to Houston, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

When she visited the victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida she was with her husband, United States President Donald Trump. Florida was one of the areas heavily hit by the storm, damaging homes and claiming lives of some people

Melania boarded the aircraft in a black-colored button-down sweater, a pair of light-colored cropped pants and Chanel flats.

But when she exited the airplane, she changed to a simple pair of white jeans and a green button-down top.

Toned down

Her ensemble in Florida was a toned down version of her outfit that outraged social media when she visited Houston, Texas. On her previous visit, she wrote a luxurious pair of black stilettos when she boarded the flight out. Twitter users objected, saying that she need not need to wear high heels when visiting a disaster area. Nevertheless, she did change to a pair of sneakers before getting off the plane.

On that occasion, she completed her fashion wear in Texas with a white-colored baseball cap and aviator shades. She was also with her husband during their visit in the southern state.

Melania Trump’s speech

First lady Melania Trump recently delivered her speech thanking the response team for their successful operations during the onslaught of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, according to The Washington Examiner. She called the responders “guardian angels” for their quick response during the calamity.

In her speech delivered at the gala for the White House Historical Association, she noted how these first responders did their duty with “kindness, charity and resolve.” These people bravely faced the raging storm in their effort to save as many lives as possible while the hurricane was devastating the community.

Melania added that she has seen “the true spirit of this nation” and the commitment to rebuild lives that have been affected by the disasters. She also shared her insights through a Twitter post. She wrote, “Thank you White House History for all you do to help preserve the people’s house.”

The President also attended the gala event.

The White House Historical Association is a non-profit organization founded by former first lady Jackie Kennedy. The event paid tribute to the victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, InStyle noted.