Chelsea Clinton just learned a valuable lesson about how one should be careful about what one posts. She recently tweeted, "Absolutely appalling: Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People." The problem was that was not true, and Clinton was obliged to delete the tweet when this was pointed out to her, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Chelsea’s first mistake

Ms. Clinton’s first mistake was using a web page run by the LGBT New Now Next Awards as a source. A careful journalist never uses something posted on an advocacy website without checking first.

The Clinton daughter evidently did not check before her hands flew to her keyboard.

Her second mistake

Her second mistake was not to notice when the news item had been posted. The item in question had been posted in 2014, yet Clinton tweeted as if the event had happened yesterday. Always check the time stamp.

Why would anyone want to let gay people die in the streets?

Chelsea’s third mistake was not vetting a story that was clearly outrageous. The idea that any legislative body would pass a law that allowed EMTs to let anyone bleed out because of sexual preference or any other reason is outrageous on its face.

EMTs, when they come upon people who have been in auto accidents or who have been who have been shot do not ask what their sexual preference. They go right to work stabilizing them so that they can be transported to the emergency room.

The story seems to be derived from a 2014 law that was passed in Michigan that would exempt people from certain laws and regulations if they ran counter to their religious beliefs.

However, the law would not apply if there was a “compelling government interest” which includes the preservation of human life. This did not stop a legal analyst at the CBS affiliate in Detroit from speculating that the law would allow a Christian doctor who disapproved of the “gay lifestyle” to not treat someone before he or she was gay.

Never mind that allowing anyone to die runs contrary to all Christian belief.

Ironically, the Michigan law has a federal version called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. The bill was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, Chelsea’s father. So far no one has allowed anyone to die and claimed exemption under the federal legislation or any of the similar state laws.

The Clinton family has been entertaining and appalling people for decades with their antics. It looks like that Clinton the next generation is promising more of the same.