“One Piece” chapter 877 spoilers featured Pedro sacrificing himself to kill Perospero. It also highlighted the Straw Hat captain Monkey D Luffy and Katakuri’s battle.

Big Mom vs. Straw Hats

The previous chapter via Manga Here featured Big Mom’s fight with the Straw Hat Pirates. It did not go smoothly because Charlotte Linlin went on a rampage chasing Luffy and his comrades around the island. King Baum, the big tree who betrayed the Yonko, also got involved. Linlin’s first target was King Baum who was immediately cut by the Yonko. The king almost gave up because of the bad situation that he was in, but Nami did not want to give up on him. So, she helped King Baum escaped from Big Mom.

King Baum went into the Seducing Woods and thought that he was already safe. Unfortunately, the living creatures in the woods obeyed Linlin and surrounded the big tree and the Straw Hat Pirates. The huge tree tried to run away for the second time however the big hot sun Prometheus crushed him. Luffy and the others managed to distance themselves before they were crushed as well. Meanwhile, a battalion of soldiers has assembled in the mirror world. Brulee Charlotte readied them to support Big Mom.

Katakuri fights Straw Hat captain

After the events in chapter 876, “One Piece” chapter 877 spoilers via MangaHelpers stated that Perospero used his candy to trap Brook and Chopper in one place. Candies covered Chopper and the Soul King’s bodies preventing them to move and to escape.

Chopper started crying because he feared he might turn into a sweet. Luffy and the other Straw Hat members were still running away from Big Mom. Katakuri predicted that the pirates would defeat his army and so he commanded them to go inside the mirror world.

Perospero created a Candy Maiden to assault the Straw Hat captain, but he managed to breakthrough with Red Hawk. Katakuri then started to fight Luffy. The captain of the Straw Hat pirates was caught between Katakuri and Big Mom while Jimbe prepared for their escape. In the middle of the battle, Pedro and Carrot shared a meaningful conversation that hinted an event that the Kozuki clan and Pedro’s clan have been waiting to happen. The battleships of Perospero’s group surrounded the coast so the Straw Hat pirates cannot sail their ship. Nami prepared a coup de burst; however, Perospero covered the pirate ship with candy. Pedro tried to get the pirates out and used a bomb.

“One Piece” chapter 877 spoilers also revealed its title and release date. The next chapter is titled “Not Sweet” featuring the Straw Hat pirates, and it will be published on August 31.