Dragon Ball Super” episode 106 spoilers revealed Gohan and Piccolo’s ultimate comeback as they encountered a mysterious enemy.

Master and student return to action

Piccolo and Gohan would face a powerful enemy in the episode. So, the master and his student must prepare themselves and must somehow come up with a combination attack against the new comer.

According to a reliable YouTube source, Piccolo and Gohan were battling Doctor Rota, the red boar from Team Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power, when an unfortunate event happened.

Doctor Rota was suddenly knocked out by a mysterious attacker, who also targeted Gohan and Piccolo.

The two Saiyans tried to fight back but the trajectory of the attack was untraceable, Otakuart claimed.

The unfortunate turn of events forced Tenshinhan to jump into action. Tenshinhan assured Piccolo and Gohan that he would find the enemy’s location. Tenshinhan used a technique to pinpoint the hide-out of Piccolo and Gohan’s enemy.

Vegeta struggles against his opponent

The episode will also feature Vegeta. The Saiyan has underestimated his opponent causing him to struggle in the battle. But when he got serious, he began to fight with full power.

Dragon Ball Super” episode 106 spoilers also teased the title and the episode’s release date. The episode titled “Death Battle Against an Invisible Attacker!” will air on September 3.

Meanwhile, spoilers for episode 105 [VIDEO] confirmed Master Roshi’s participation in the fight.

The old man might appear fragile still viewers are advised to consider the fact that he is Son Goku’s master.

Roshi has an unpleasant weakness, though. He is attracted to young girls. Knowing this, the fighter Caway decided to seduce the Turtle Hermit.

As fighters from a different Universe tried to lure Roshi in a trap, Goku [VIDEO]’s master decided to use a dangerous technique against his opponents. Goku asked the old man not to use it because Roshi might die using it.

Many anticipated Roshi using the Mafuba technique because of the small container he was holding. It could be true still Goku’s master might have other things up his sleeves.

That was all for today's TV series sneak-peek on the anime. Meanwhile, another important news announced the release dates of the TV collaboration of "Dragon Ball " and "One Piece." The "One Piece" special will debut on October 1 while the "Dragon Ball" special will premiere on October 8.