#Billy Bush breaks his silence about Trump and the #Access Hollywood tapes. Additionally, he discussed the moment he was fired from NBC, how his family dealt with the scandal, and how he will make a full comeback.

Billy was prepared to apologize

When the tape came out in October, Bush was prepared to take responsibility for his part in it. He was prepared to apologize and explain that he was young and impressionable. He wasn't ready to lose his job and have the blame placed solely on his shoulders.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bush was shocked when President Trump was not affected by the tape. He lost his job and was public enemy number one, yet Trump brushed off the tape by calling it locker-room banter.

It seemed very unfair.

Those who were in Bush's inner circle believe that he got the raw end of the deal. He lost his job and Trump was elected president of the United States.

Billy never thought that America would vote for a man who admitted that he sexually assaulted women. Even today, six months later, he admitted it doesn't seem real that Trump is the president and he lost his job.

His daughters were upset with his behavior

When the tape came out, his daughters were upset by his behavior with Trump. He remembers his then 15-year-old daughter telling him that everything was going to be okay, but she has a question to ask him. She asked him why he laughed at those awful things Trump said about women. He remembers telling her that he isn't sure why he did, but he is sorry he reacted that way.

The tape's release led to him to a place to find himself. He had to do soul searching and discover what he really wanted in life. In the end, Bush believes that the tape led to a better life for him.

No one asked him to explain his side

Billy said that the most hurtful thing about the tape was that no one wanted to hear his side. They were quick to pick on him or degrade him. All he wanted was the chance to tell his wide of the story and genuinely apologize for his role in it.

He chose to make the tape his message and use it as a positive. While he still believes that it is unfair that Trump became president and he lost his dream job, he will be okay ---his career isn't over.

The famous tape

Billy explained that at the time the tape of filmed, Trump was very important to Access Hollywood. He recalls that his main job was to follow Trump around and get good footage of him.

Bush said that looking back at the day, he really wished he would have asked to change the subject or tried to tell Trump that it isn't nice to treat women that way, but he didn't.

And, Billy has to live with the consequences of his actions.

Trump's shocking comments about women

Billy added that Trump talked terribly about women. he doesn't remember anything as bad as this, but he wasn't respectful by any means. he hopes that Donald doesn't really believe that he can just grab a woman because he's a celebrity.

"Shocking statements flow like wine from him," Billy said, "And he likes to captivate an audience."

Bush's relationship with Trump

Bush claims that he hasn't heard from Trump since he announced he was running for president. He added that he doesn't have a personal relationship with him.

As for if Bush voted for President Trump, Billy refused to answer. He did admit that he was registered as an independent and will never talk about who he voted for publically.

Billy said that he doesn't need an apology from Trump because there's nothing he could say that would improve his life. Trump is who he is and he isn't going to change anytime soon. The best thing for him is to move on and not expect any confirmation from Trump.

Bush admitted it would have been nice to have Trump stand up for him after the tape's release and take full responsibility for what was said. However, he realizes that accountablity isn't something Trump believes in.

Do you think Billy Bush got he raw end of the deal? #Donald Trump