On Sunday, the LGBT activism website NCRM.com published an article by Alex Sennello, a Trans woman who claims that she faked a head injury in 2010 in order to use the bathroom of her choice, instead of the private faculty bathroom set aside for her by the high school she attended. The article encourages other trans students to do the same, with the author instructing teens to block other students' access to bathrooms, send harassing faxes to school administrators, and to do whatever is necessary for "costing your school time and money."

Sennello, who transferred to a new high school in 2010 as a sophomore, states that she used the private faculty bathroom for a while until she grew bold enough to confront the principal.

The principal informed Sennello, who was born male, that she was legally forbidden to use the women's bathroom and had to instead use either the men's room or the school's non-gendered restroom. After about a week Sennello decided to break the rules again by using the women's room and she was called into the dean's office, where she was informed that her actions could result in disciplinary actions.

Fakes head injury in order to use girl's bathroom

After the dean told Sennello that she needed to "calm down," the trans student retaliated by faking a head injury. She fired an angry letter off to Jay Hoffman, the principal, and to every school faculty member that began:

"I regret to inform you that I sustained a mild head trauma some time before break, I am in fair condition and high spirits, but I must alert you to the fact that my memory was slightly affected by the incident."

The student then explained that her "head trauma" had caused her to forget the school's bathroom policy.

Sennello added that, until her memory returned, she would continue to use the bathroom she preferred -- the women's room. She then concluded her letter with a not-so-subtle threat, stating that any disciplinary actions taken against her would result in her filing a complaint with the Human Rights Committee.

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Activist's advice to trans students

According to Sennello, from that point forward, the faculty decided to leave her alone, and now Sennello is offering the same incendiary advice to other trans students.

If you're a trans high schooler, go "scream at your school board" until you are physically escorted from the building, suggest Sennello.

She also says to make repeat visits to the principal's office "until you become a nuisance," and instructs students to harass schools by bombarding them with fax messages until their machine runs out of ink.

"It is your responsibility to cause as much disruption as needed," said Sennello. "Block bathrooms. Yell at your dean. Get escorted out of town halls and board meetings."

Sennello's advice comes in the wake of President Trump's order on Wednesday which rolls back Obama-era protections for transgender public high school students. Civil rights groups have denounced Trump's decision.