The latest Donald Trump Fake News has the President-elect furious, and he made this loud and clear during his late morning press conference on Wednesday. His angst was aimed at some of the mainstream media sites that perpetuated the story without any verification. Trump even shut out one of the reporters of these news sites by refusing to take a question from the reporter during the press conference.

Fake news epidemic

Trump spoke to the fake news epidemic today and he called out two of the media sites. These popular news sites reported this spun tale about Russia allegedly having enough goods on him to leave him as a sitting duck for blackmail.

The atrium of Trump Tower was the place where 300 reporters congregated to hear Trump's thoughts on this latest report, which was the reason the press conference was held in the first place.

A disgrace

While he would later get to the intelligence community who somehow managed to leak this information to the press, he called out two of the sites that reported this news. Buzzfeed was the first media site Trump named, calling them a "failing pile of garbage." Later on in the press conference, he shut out a CNN reporter, who relentlessly demanded Trump take his question. It was then that he accused CNN of reporting fake news.

Intelligence leak

Trump denied the media reports indicating he was being investigated by intelligence officials over the government of Russia having a compromising scoop on him, which entailed both financial and personal information.

According to Fox News live on Wednesday afternoon, Trump called the leak released by the intelligence agencies an absolute disgrace. It wasn't quite clear where the brunt of this fury would land, either on the intelligence community for leaking such information, or with the media for reporting on this so-called garbage.

Opposition to his presidency

The story also implicated his lawyer as a man who was in Prague at the time this was said to have happened, but the lawyer's passport indicates that he's never been to Prague. Trump was furious and said this never happened, and he was not only peeved that the media sites took advantage of this, but he also was infuriated that the intelligence community leaked this fake story. This is something that should have never happened, said the future president. He blamed the people opposed to his presidency for this false story, and the publication of this fake news.