One of the strangest reactions to the election of Donald Trump has been the sudden drop in libido among individual women. Stephanie Land, for example, writing in the Washington Post claimed that Trump’s ascension had robbed her of any desire to date or find a man. She is not the only one. Whether their preference is a casual hookup or looking for a life partner, a number of women are reporting that Trump has driven them to chastity.

The reaction is unique in the history of politics and seems counterintuitive.

Usually, the reaction to a great disappointment is to find solace in some distracting activity. Some people drink to excess. Others pray for deliverance. Others reach out to another human being and make out like weasels in heat. Nothing suits like a satisfying organism to drive away the post-election blues. Some things are universal, no matter who is in the White House, one of them being that sex is fun.

So why the sudden spiral into despair and celibacy? To be sure a remarkable number of people had attached their future happiness to the election of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president. A lot of the same individuals think that Donald Trump is a living, breathing nightmare.

Still, it seems that swearing off sex is just a little extreme. One cannot remember the same thing happening eight years ago when Obama beat McCain or four years ago when he beat Romney.

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Donald Trump

Indeed, it hadn’t happened when Bush beat Gore, the other Bush beat Dukakis or Reagan beat Carter. Of course, maybe it did happen, and it was just not reported.

One cannot but think that something else is going on besides the election of the new, orange haired overlord. Maybe it has something to do with the new phenomenon, especially on college campuses, in which men have discovered than any sexual encounter can put them in peril of a legal proceeding because of the sudden, expansive definition of rape.

Maybe some of these women were not having fulfilling sex lives, and the Trump election was the triggering event that made them realize it and drove them to chastity.

Trump had better get ready. Being the assassin of women’s joy will be the least thing he will be accused of as his presidency proceeds.

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