Of all the people who would show up at Trump Tower to kiss the ring and bend the knee, the last person one expected to show up was Al Gore, the former vice-president and presidential candidate and current professional global warming hysteric. He came to have a chat with Ivanka Trump about climate change, a conversation that included President-Elect Donald Trump at one point. Gore pronounced the conversation as “very interesting” and “very productive.” Now Trump watchers are wondering what is that all about?

On the one hand, Trump is planning to unleash the fossil fuel industry, lifting regulations and opening federal lands to drilling. He is also said to be plotting to take a meat ax to NASA climate change research, moving some of it to NOAA and using the rest to fund a return to the moon program.

On the other hand, Trump just met with Mr. Inconvenient Truth himself, a man whose musings on the imminent destruction of the Earth by global warming have embarrassed even the most strident climate change advocate.

Skeptics of the seriousness of human-caused climate change always point to Gore, with his record of failed predictions and hysterical ravings as an example of the non-seriousness of the global warming community. Gore was even the subject of a “South Park” take down, making the term “ManBearPig” famous in the lexicon of political satire.

Most commenters are dismissing the idea that Trump is getting wobbly on rolling back environmental regulations.

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He has declared himself “open-minded” on the subject of climate change. However, he is not open minded on the issue of creating a lot of blue collar jobs. Excessive environmental regulations have proven to be a job killer in the manufacturing and energy industries. Trump knows which side he needs to be on.

So why did Trump and his daughter meet with Gore? The younger Trump is a tad to the left of her dad on environmental issues.

As for the president-elect, perhaps he had some time on his hands and needed some amusement before his next meeting with actual adults.

Of course, if Gore shows up on the short list to head the EPS or the Department of Energy, it will be time to be afraid. Very afraid.

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