At a rally outside Trump Tower in Manhattan today, Green Party candidate Jill Stein told supporters that her campaign will be “escalating the recount” process that has been initiated in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. “The forces trying to stop this grassroots recount are the same ones that have been undermining our democracy and disenfranchising voters for decades” Jill Stein said, as reported today by New York’s Newsday. (Newsday ‘Jill Stein, outside Trump Tower, vows to escalate recount fight’ 12.5.16) The Jill Stein Green Party has had an infusion of new blood over the weekend with two judicial battles won: this morning a judge in Michigan ordered that the election recount begin immediately (Detroit Free Press ‘Judge orders immediate start of Michigan recount’ 12.5.16) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a website splash page asking her supporters to “help with the Michigan recount.” Yet many have questioned Stein’s motives and point to the Fox News Chris Wallace interview as evidence of possible duplicity.

Late November a former White House advisor went on record to say he believes that the recount is a waste of time.

Left strategy to block Rust Belt electoral votes

After Jill Stein’s rally in New York today, talking heads on cable news were asking repeatedly, “What is Stein’s endgame?” Many contend that Stein has presented no evidence of voter fraud. The commentators are missing this fact: if the left is able to force all three states-Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin- into a manual recount of the election votes, it could cause all three states to miss the federal deadline of December 13 reporting to the Electoral College. If each of these states loses its Electoral votes, then for the first time in 192 years, the presidential election would be thrown to the House of Representatives.

( ‘Wisconsin vote recount may cause Electoral College Chaos: Jill Stein meets deadline, recounts now loom in 3 states’) The End Game is clearly stated on Hillary Clinton’s website, which is urgently signing up volunteers for the Michigan recount: “Paid for by Hillary for America grassroots campaign of 3 million donors committed to electing Hillary Clinton and keeping Donald Trump out of the White House.” Therefore, it is not about Hillary winning those electoral votes, or the states exposing a massive hacking attack or voter fraud; it is about tying up the Rust Belt states with manual recounts in order to miss the Electoral College’s December 13 deadline, which then holds up the presidential transition process!

White House continues to stand by election results

The White House attempted to calm all fears of voter fraud by issuing this statement, “We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.” (Politico ‘White House insists hackers didn’t sway election, even as recount begins’ 11.26.16) The left-leaning protesters are gone; but wait, are they?

Apparently, they went underground, as evidenced by the Jill Stein Party recount effort. As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over til it's over.” That sums it up-for now.

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