Today, the whole world remembers all those presently living with HIV/AIDS and even those that have lost their lives to this virus. South Africa, notorious for sexual promiscuity, has recently launched what looks like a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Finally, hope returns to the hearts of all those living with the virus.

For more than 3 decades, all efforts to produce an effective vaccine have failed. But on Wednesday December 1, the international community of scientists announced that a new vaccine has been made and that this new vaccine looks promising.

An Outlook on the HIV/AIDS

Since the disease was discovered in 1983, a lot of people of notable important examples have occurred: Lebranche, Prince and so on have lost their lives to AIDS. If this vaccine proves effective, it will be a new light for millions of individuals out there struggling with HIV/AIDS and even those who presently test negative. In regions of high sexual promiscuity like South Africa, a vaccine is what is needed right now. It is speculated that in South Africa alone, 1000 new HIV infections occur on a daily basis.

Right now, over 6.8 million South Africans are HIV+.

HIV, which is the disease that causes AIDS, is received primarily from unprotected sexual intercourse or contact with bodily fluids on an open skin or mucous area. Condoms are the proven effective methods of preventing and with Durex, the HIV epidemic is really going to end soon as people are now getting informed.

A close look at the vaccine

The vaccine has been specifically made for a HIV strain prevalent in South Africa from an excerpt used on people infected in Thailand.

Sources say it it reduces the risk of infection by 30%. Scientist are now looking at testing the vaccine as a killer of the virus.

However, the existence of a vaccine should not undermine the effectiveness of other safer practices. People should always use a condom for every new sexual activity. Even if the vaccine is effective,it would take time to ascertain its effectiveness globally. As a result, the N.I.C.D have requested for funds to produce the vaccine globally.

we looking to save all those most vulnerable to HIV particularly women and youths.

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