Allahpundit over at Hot Air has had quite enough of Newt Gingrich mocking Mitt Romney for his about-face in courting President-Elect Donald Trump after having spent so much time attacking him as a candidate. Gingrich has been so vehement and so constant in his ridicule, one might think that the former speaker has some sort of personal vendetta against the 2012 presidential candidate.

In fact, Gingrich has an excellent reason for disliking Romney and it has nothing to do with anything that is happening in 2016.

Gingrich’s intense dislike for Mitt stems from the time they were both presidential candidates when the speaker was the target of the other man’s mockery. The subject of the ridicule was Gingrich’s proposal to build a moon base by the end of the decade.

Back during the 2012 Republican primaries, Gingrich appeared before an audience mainly comprised of aerospace workers in Florida and proposed that the United States establish a base on the moon by 2020 and that it be mostly commercial.

The idea was well received by the audience and in Space policy circles at the time. Something like it was the heart of the Bush-era Constellation program that had been canceled by President Barack Obama.

During the next primary debate, Mitt Romney ruthlessly mocked Gingrich, pronouncing the idea of a lunar as being “zany” and stating that he would have fired anyone who proposed it back when he was running Bain Capital.

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The media took up the ridicule, even using the proposal as a skit on Saturday Night Live. Gingrich, usually erudite, was uncharacteristically tongue-tied. The moon base plan and Gingrich’s candidacy soon vanished out of sight,

Ironically, Gingrich’s moon base subsequently gained a great deal of respectability. A number of studies, one done by MIT, suggested that the idea made sense economically and for a number of other reasons.

Jeb Bush, when he was a presidential candidate, pronounced the moon base as being “pretty cool.” The European Space Agency has embraced the idea of a “moon village.” Team Trump seems to have embraced going back to the moon as a near-term goal for NASA.

In short, Gingrich is about to experience some degree of vindication. One might think that he would accept the victory and leave off any ill-will he might feel toward Romney.

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