When the fukushima nuclear power plant went red and melted down (where the core of metal fuel overheats and melts into a blob releasing deadly radiation), melted through (suspected by the high rad count in the groundwater/water table), and the previously unheard of melt out’s (caused by an explosion blowing the core of a reactor into the environment), much of the world believed the mainstream media farce that the nuclear radiation was contained and that it posed no threat.

This was claimed as video of the explosion was being run on TV, no less. They also bought the lie that Obama and his administration said about the safety of the West Coast and American food supplies, even though it is a matter of public record that the food was in no way tested in most instances.

Where there is nuclear power, there is cancer

That the childhood tumor rate in the lymphatic system is up between 50 to 80% in some areas of Japan is not as surprising as the fact that such cancers are also skyrocketing on the West Coast of the United States. This stands in stark contrast to what the media told the public, and sadly, it seems that Iran is not listening to the facts, either.

For instance, the same geologists, scientists, seismologists, and those that predicted the great Fukushima earthquake (due to data gathered and years of experience in interpreting that data) has said that Iran is sitting on an area that is going to by all accounts be hit by such a quake well within the lifespan of the plant. Is Iran listening to this sound doctrine any better than TEPCO/General Electric did in Japan?

The answer is a foolish, “NO”.

Most people worry that it is the fact that Iran is lead by a leader who openly calls for the death of Israel, leads chants of “Death to America”, and who has been caught breaking every agreement that they have ever made with the USA to be the biggest issue. However, even if Iran were a nation lead by daisy pickers, pacifists, and those singing goodwill towards all men, it would not make the threat any less severe.

The reason for this is because, just like in Japan, when this coming quake hits, this will lead to a Fukushima-like nuclear event that will kill and sicken more Arabs than any threat posed to them by Israel, even on the worst of days.

No tidal wave, no Fukushima worry, right?

Many suggest that the threat is minimized because Iran has no massive body of water as close to the site as Fukushima did to theirs, but this thinking is terribly flawed.

This is because the media also failed to report on what the actual data from Fukushima says. This data clearly shows that when the great Japanese quake hit, it was not the tidal wave the caused the initial meltdown (of which there were four), but rather the quake itself. To see this, one needs only to read the time line that shows that the quake hit, which caused the loss of power, and that the power could not have been restored even if the tidal wave had never come.

The wave caused perhaps the other three, but not the first. Therefore, we have learned that an earthquake can, and has, caused a meltdown situation prior.

It is terrifying to watch as Iran, with much pomp and braggadocio no less, are gloating over a self-made creation that will most likely lead to the downfall of the overall health of the whole Middle East. There is more data to suggest that such a quake will hit Iran, particularly in the area of this nuclear power plants scientifically proven unwise construction site, than there is data to suggest that a quake won’t. That means that the facts are working against Iran well before the power is even created. This will likely prove to be the single most ill-conceived venture in the whole of the 21st century.

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