The #CherokeeNation has taken the United States government to court over what is quickly becoming a real problem for the government; trust. Although the Nation is not actually suing for any specific monetary amount they are asking for a recounting of resources which were once allocated to the Cherokee in the Treaty of Hopewell. They are claiming that the resources were mismanaged and misused. They are also suing for court costs and attorney fees.

Who is at fault here?

Those listed in the lawsuit are actual names of government personnel who the CherokeeNation has deemed responsible for the upkeep of the provisions of the treaty.

Although these people were obviously not around when the papers were signed the Cherokee say that they are due their rightful assets and resources. They make the claim that a lack of accounting of the money made from Cherokee resources has deprived the nation of much-needed economic stability and that the United States hasn't made any attempt to repair the relationship. The Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated that the government has never, "in hundreds of years, provided full accounting [of the Cherokee Nations's property] as the law requires."

The United States in trouble with Native Americans

As the CherokeeNation is suing to redress grievances from hundreds of years ago Native Americans across the country are protesting for better treatment and representation from the government.

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In North Dakota, there are the #NODAPL protests over a pipeline which may endanger the water sources for millions of people.

On the other side of the country in Washington State there were protests over the shooting death of Renee Davis by local police. This comes after a study was done showing that Native Americans are more likely to be killed by police than any other minority. While the United States government is in itself in a state of transition it would seem that the earliest inhabitants of this nation are quickly urging for more accountability from their politicians this time.