A human sexuality professor at a California college may be about to receive an education on the consequences of provocative political speech in the classroom -- courtesy of her angered students. A complaint has been filed against Olga Peres Stable Cox by the Orange Coast College Republicans after the professor subjected her class to a lengthy rant filled with exaggerated claims and hyperbole that was captured on video.

Cox, a psychology professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, where she teaches a course on human sexuality, delivered a lengthy tirade to students in which she referred to President-elect Trump as a ''white supremacist'' and claimed that the election was an "act of terrorism." Trump wasn't Cox's only target, however; the professor also referred to Mike Pence as "one of the most anti-gay humans in the country" and insisted that she and others who voted against Trump "have been assaulted."

Professor's rant caught on camera

The professor's highly-divisive comments were recorded by a conservative student who shared the video footage with the college's Republican group.


Joshua Recalde-Martinez, president of the Orange Coast College Republicans, decided to go public with the offensive video after OCC President Dennis Harkins refused to respond to the group's complaint, in which students claim that their grades might be adversely affected based upon their political beliefs.

College conservatives hire attorney

Because the president of the college failed to address the students' concerns in a timely manner, the Orange Coast College Republicans have hired an attorney, Shawn Steele.


Steele is a former chairman of the state's Republican party. He recently told the Orange County Register that the professor is using her position to scare and shame students. “It’s alarming,” said Steele. “It’s scaremongering. It’s irrational. It’s a rant. And it doesn’t belong in the classroom.”

Recalde-Martinez says that while his group is not calling for Cox to be fired, they will continue to protest until the professor faces some form of retribution, such as anger management classes.

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Donald Trump

They also expect an apology from Cox.

According to the Washington Post, Cox's name has been added to the "Professor Watchlist," a conservative website which contains the names of some 200 professors accused of discrimination against conservative students.

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