Nigeria is getting worst as refugee children are now at risk of starvation. The national issues of Boko-Haram has resurfaced after what seemed like a political rest following the Muhammadu Buhari regime. Everyone thought that the insurgence has ended following the appalling news of Chibok girls.

Well, we might be wrong here as Fati Adamu here who claimed she has not beheld the sight of three of her children nor her husband since after Boko-Haram hit the city two years ago has now been forced to become a refugee at the Bakassi Camp.

This camp is not even safe from bombing attacks.

Famine in Nigeria's Northern State

The state of affairs in northeastern parts of Nigeria namely in states like Borno and Adamawa is a pathetic one. Amidst the political unrest in this states, there is a risk of an impending starvation. according to the United Nations. About 400,000 children are at the brink of starvation and a huge number will die if something is not done.

Meanwhile, soldiers are causing this state of affairs because the war and unrest.

They want to gain full custody of the city. The north has always been synonymous with Boko Haram and the Nigerian soldiers have willingly decided to fight these rebels. But what has it caused the residents in these areas? Well, it has caused many to flee to neighboring peaceful states and has displaced most internally, families have been torn apart and in no time, children will die. It's in cases like these that diseases break out and kill thousands.

Boko Haram in Nigeria

The Boko Haram insurgence did not start today and no view is in sight when it would surely end. Since 2009, the issue of Boko Haram has become a secret thrown into the wind. The blood shed and incessant bombings have become a national identity for the Northern states of Nigeria. Let us not forget that on one of these their bombings, youth corpers were killed for no good reason.

The dry season has initiated bombings, probably they hate the rains. These rebels have gone to target refugee camps especially the one at Bakassi.

International Aid

According to World Food Aid, 450,000 people have received food aid with more than 200,000 on $54 monthly food allowance. The international body is trying their possible best but standard of living. People are suffering. A 45-year-old Bukar claims that his stipend finishes in two weeks.

All around the Molai wards, cries of children could be heard and the sobs of those who don't have the required energy to cry. These children also develop diseases like malaria, and this is even worsened especially now they are underfed and lack appetite. The disease makes those with appetite vomit their food.

It's a pity because these people have no where else to go. To make matters worse, the Recession has greatly affected the price of commodities.

A bag of rice that was previously 8000 naira in Jonathan's rule is now 25,000 naira under the present regime. Things are very tight for working class citizens not to mention these refugees. They need our help as they are more vulnerable to more attacks as they gather together in camps. Children are dying of preventable diseases and I wonder what would happen if food shortages finished. This is a clarion call to all.

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