After months of protest, violent confrontations with law enforcement and many prayers, the standing rock sioux and Water Protectors were able to celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief. The Sacred Stone, Oceti Sakowin, Red Warrior and Rosebud Camps erupted in joy following the news that the Army Corp of Engineers would require additional research and community discussion before it would grant permits to Energy Transfer Partners for the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).


Since April of 2016, on-going demonstrations have taken place near Cannon Ball, North Dakota in efforts to prevent the proposed oil pipeline, which was designed to deliver shale oil derived from hydraulic fracking, from the Bakkan Oil Reserves, along with a proposed 1,172-mile route.

Rallying behind the slogan, Water is Life; the Standing Rock Sioux have sought to prevent the DAPL from being constructed in a proposed route which was set to traverse within half a mile of their reservation.

Citing past treaties with the United States government, the environmental risk the proposed DAPL would cause to local sources of drinking water, as well as the destruction of sacred burial sites belonging to their ancestors, the Sioux have remained determined to continue their efforts to oppose the project. This latest news is being viewed by the Standing Rock Sioux as a positive precedent, but many remain pragmatic regarding the future trajectory of this issue and the evolving landscape of indigenous rights in the United States.

Water is Life

Following the news, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault issued a statement thanking supporters and urging the incoming Trump administration to affirm its support for indigenous rights: "Treaties are paramount law and must be respected, and we welcome dialogue on how to continue to honor that moving forward.

We are not opposed to energy independence, economic development, or national security concerns but we must ensure that these decisions are made with the considerations of our Indigenous peoples."

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