Serena Williams - top tennis player and Reddit's co-founder Alexis Ohanian are both megastars in their own fields and now they are engaged.

Serena, who made the announcement that they are engaged in what has been described in the cutest way has shocked a lot of fans as they managed to keep this well hidden from the majority of fans and media.

Fans have got a lot to say about the engagement announcement and not all of it is very nice. But overall, there are mainly only best wishes for the woman who is considered to be one of the world's greatest athletes in her time.

Serena Williams says yes to Reddit's Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian is not as well known as Serena, but he is a millionaire several times over, and with Serena's well-deserved fortune behind her they certainly won't be lacking for a bit of moolah. So if you don't know much about Alexis the tech man, there is more to him than just the funny comment on Twitter about servers. One humorist pointed out if he was Reddit's Co-founder he would also be searching for better "servers."

Alexis who?

Tennis fans read about tennis and most of them have never posted a comment or figured out the Reddit Karma yet, so they may not know too much about Alexis.

ENews Online told us more about Serena's love and husband to be. He is apparently taller than Serena, was a wanna-be professional footballer in his younger years and wrote a best-selling book called "Without Their Permission" in 2013. They also wrote, "Ohanian has been dubbed the "Mayor of the Internet" after constantly standing up to Congress against overregulating the internet." He is also a tennis fan - (Obvious) and loves kids.

Alexis is also inspirational and one of his famous quotes was, "The size of your impact should not be measured in media coverage or the number of figures on your paycheck, but rather the effect you have on the world around you."

Alexis has certainly had an effect on Serena Williams and now her fans are chock-full of talk about the engagement of these two megastars.

What the fans are saying about Serena and Alexis getting engaged

First up are the angry fans - the ones who feel some headlines calling her Ex-Drake are so very disrespectful.Hip Hop Cult got a lot of bad reaction to their post that called Serena "Drake and Commons Ex."

Other fans are angry with angry fans who complain that the tennis star is set to marry a "White man."

But it is a happy day for most fans and for all of us who have had far too much bad celebrity news lately.

Heartfelt best wishes are pouring in from across the world. Let's take a look at some of these nice tweets about Serena Williams - best-loved tennis star, who is now engaged to Reddit's megastar Alexis Ohanian.

Congratulations indeed.

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