Senate Democrats, still reeling at the thumping their party received from Hillary Clinton on down, have been casting about for a strategy for what to do now. Politico reports that some of them have hit upon obstructing Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, at least some of them. They will insist of procedural votes and will do other things to stretch out the confirmation process. The Democrats would like to defeat at least one nominee, Jeff Sessions for attorney general for preference, just to feel good about themselves.

The idea is that they will show the Republicans that Senate Democrats will not be ignored and that, besides, they want revenge for Merrick Garland, the man President Obama nominated to the Supreme Court whom Senate Republicans refused to even hold hearings on.

A number of problems exist with this strategy.

First, an impressive number of red-state Democrats are up for reelection in 2018. They might not like to return home and explain to their Trump-loving constituents why Senate Democrats are being obstructionist out of spite.

Second, Donald Trump has a remarkable ability to pitch a fit on Twitter to tens of millions of followers, which will then be retweeted and aired on cable news ad infinitum. Glenn Reynolds calls it the “tweet side chat” after the fireside chats that President Franklin Roosevelt aired on the radio to make sure that people felt good about being in the Great Depression.

Finally, the filibuster for presidential appointments except for the Supreme Court has gone up in nuclear fire, courtesy of outgoing Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

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The Republicans have retained that rule and will ram through as many nominees as quickly as possible.

The Democrats may be well advised to rethink their obstructionist strategy. They will accomplish nothing but egg on their own faces as a restive electorate groans about typical Washington games that are played for no purpose but to stroke bruised egos. They will also lose credibility for a number of fights surrounding Supreme Court nominees that they might have a conceivable chance of winning.

Once again the political elites are underestimating the man who was just elected president, to their peril.

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