The decision of President Barack Obama to abstain from an anti-Israeli resolution in the United Nations Security Council continues to spark unrestrained fury in the United States. According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Ted Cruz. R-Texas threatened to cut off UN funding until that resolution is reversed. Cruz’s sentiment is widely held on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina intends to offer such a measure in the Senate. The incoming Senate minority leader Sen.

Charles Schumer, D-New York may support such a bill, and the incoming president Donald Trump would almost certainly sign it.

The troubled United Nations, seen as a corrupt, ineffective institution by many Americans, has been a force of frustration for its unrelenting hostility toward the State of Israel, driven by many of the Muslim members, but aided and abetted by many first world countries. Often, the United States has to stand alone, using its veto power in the Security Council, to shield its ally from attempts to delegitimize it.

The action taken by President Obama, leaving Israel naked onto its enemies, has been especially galling to supporters of the Jewish state in America. Israel is the only democracy to reside in the Middle East and yet receives the bulk of United Nations condemnation.

If senators like Cruz and Graham can follow through on their threat, the UN will feel it in the pocketbook. The United States provides 22 percent of the world body’s budget, so its elimination will severely impact its ability to operate.

The United Nations will have to decide whether it wishes to continue its harassment of Israel while refusing to apply pressure to gross human rights abusers in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Iran or whether it wants to continue experiencing the generosity of the American taxpayer. Ir may not be able to do both any longer.

In any case, in about four weeks from the writing of this piece, Donald Trump, a warmer friend of Israel than Barack Obama could ever imagine being, will be president of the United States.

He has already promised that things will be different at the United Nations when he is sworn in.

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