Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has developed a well-deserved reputation as a liberal firebrand, excoriating Wall Street and championing high taxes and heavy government regulation. Warren is seen by some on the far left of the Democratic Party as the singular hope for recapturing the federal government for the left. However, a recent Warren post on Facebook and the firestorm it created suggests that a run for president by the radical senator would be as entertaining, in its own way, as the recent Donald Trump for president campaign/

According to the New York Times, she slammed a “hedge fund billionaire” named Whitney Tilson of Kase Capitol for being “thrilled by Donald Trump’s economic team of Wall Street insiders.” She also suggested that the “Whitney Tilsons of the world” stand to benefit from Trump’s coming deregulation of the financial industry.

The last statement may be true, but the implication that Tilson is a crony of Donald Trump os wide of the mark. Indeed, Tilson was, at least until now, one of Warren’s warmest supporters, giving her money, and supporting financial industry regulation. He is puzzled by becoming one of Warren’s capitalist exploiter enemies of the people.

Trump used to behave this way, until Kellyanne Conway taught him some social media etiquette, He has since calmed down, using Twitter a little more strategically.

Warren is unapologetic for attacking one of her own, however.

Warren is informed by her total opposition to the free market, even going so far as to oppose the 21st Century Cures Act because she thought it would benefit drug companies. Outside the deep blue confines of Massachusetts her statements and positions on the issues have tended to be alarming and outrageous. To be sure, those qualities are not an impediment for her winning the Democratic nomination.

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Donald Trump

That Warren is a fresh face is illustrative of how far the once proud Democratic Party has fallen. The Obama years have proven to be an Ebola outbreak for down ballot Democrats, thinning their ranks to such an extent that the bench for presidential candidates sparse. The other possible candidates for 2020 are all elderly retreads such as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Even Hillary Clinton may try for a third time.

Such is the sad state of the Democratic Party.

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