In the spirit that states that the Obama administration cannot create a foreign policy disaster that it cannot make worse, the outgoing secretary of state John Kerry took to the television and engaged in an over hour long anti-Israeli rant. His meltdown (it cannot be described otherwise) consisted of a lecture that Jewish subdivisions being built in the West Bank of the Jordan are a threat to the two-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians will live in peace side by side. To be sure Kerry mentioned the relentless Palestinian campaign of terror in passing.

But the main subject of his ire was settlements.

The Obama administration broke with decades of American foreign policy by allowing the passage of a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements instead of restricting the issue to negotiations between the two warring parties. Kerry declared that the betrayal was done according to “American values” and denied that the United States had a hand in the drafting of the resolution. The Israeli government has suggested that Kerry is lying about that last statement and that is has proof.

As a futile gesture, Kerry’s on air meltdown will go down in history. His ranting speech will not convince anyone that the current president’s position is just or effective. It will likely unite Israel, its friends in the United States congress, and the incoming Trump administration to push back with vigor. Congress will not be likely to wait until Trump accession to the presidency to start taking revenge in the form of measures up to and including defunding the United Nations.

Israel will continue building settlements with abandon and with the tacit approval of the incoming Trump administration.

American Middle East policy is about to undergo a massive change. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is going to be put on the back burner. The threats that Trump is going to deal with are ISIS and the Russian Iranian Syrian axis of evil that is causing genocide in places like Aleppo.

Trump will have help in the form of Israel and a coalition of moderate Sunni Arab states, frightened by the Obama appeasement of Iran and bungling concerning ISIS. The Palestinians will have the option of continuing their dream of a Jew-free Middle East or coming hat in hand to get the best deal they can. But either way they will be the authors of their own fate, which will not be pleasant thanks to decades of intransigence and terror.

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