Donald Trump is still to take his seat in the White House, however, that hasn't stopped a world of controversy from surrounding the President-elect since his shock victory over Republican candidate Hilary Clinton in early November of this year. Trump's victory has been followed by protests, a Russian espionage scandal and international uncertainty stemming from comments made by Trump surrounding China and Taiwan's relationship, which the Chinese government claimed was of "serious concern."

Reddit and Trump

Both before and after the 2016 US Presidential election, Trump has been, unsurprisingly, one of the most discussed men on the internet, drawing criticism for many of the comments he has made surrounding immigration and Islam, as well as much praise from supporters, many of whom had lost faith in regular politicians such as Clinton.

The popular social news aggregation and discussion website reddit, which deems itself as the "front page of the internet," is known as a platform which allows members from all backgrounds and beliefs to express themselves freely. However, the site came under heavy scrutiny the week before Thanksgiving this year when it was revealed that the CEO of the site, Steve Huffman, had edited messages from "The_Donald" community, one of the most prominent Trump supporting communities online.

Reddit CEO upsets users

33-year-old Huffman admitted to tampering with comments left on "The_Donald" community forum, tweaking negative comments aimed at himself so that they appeared to be targeted at the moderators of the forum instead.

Huffman claims that the edits to user comments made on the forum were intended as a joke, and were meant to turn the tables on some of the users who regularly make accusations against him on the Reddit forums. However, many users were unhappy, feeling that the prank was a ploy to discourage support for the President-elect, especially since the CEO's admission came after Reddit had banned a discussion forum entitled "pizza gate," in which users discussed the conspiracy theory that certain members of the Democratic party ran a child sex-trafficking ring.

Reddit made the decision to close the forum after personal information was leaked about some of those accused in the theory, which led to harassment and death threats.

Reddit CEO says sorry

Following the revelation, many users of Reddit demanded his resignation and Huffman has now issued an apology over the editing of comments on the Trump supporter forum.

Huffman claims that, although he was only trying to prank some internet trolls, by interfering with members' freedom of speech he had compromised the trust that users had in the website. Huffman stated that members of the pro-Trump forum in question had taken to "antagonizing the broader Reddit community" and that he was looking to "troll the trolls" with the stunt, but now realizes that what he did was short-sighted. Reddit has now imposed new rules on the site, to take a "more aggressive stance against toxic users and poorly behaving communities."

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