With weeks left in Obama's presidency, the still incumbent but soon-to-be former president made his final speech on national security on Tuesday at the MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, Florida, in front of a hanger full of American troops. The speech is his last in office before the end of the year and before the incoming Trump administration takes office. While the tone of the speech was to instill confidence to establish what the Obama legacy is, the weight of the threat against that legacy was present.

In November, the "New York Times" reported that the Obama administration was looking to get rid of NSA director Michael Rogers. Reasons given by top leaders was because of issues with leaks and that progress against ISIS was too slow. However, as Donald Trump was beginning to pull his transition team together, the "smooth" process that President Obama promised appeared to be hindered by grievances coming from within. Because it was reporting that Rogers approached Trump for a position in the new administration without notifying the White House.

So even if Rogers were removed from heading the NSA before the year's end, his possible role as Trump's director of national intelligence was already being reported by the "Washington Post."

Top leaders 'spit' on Obama's legacy

Most of the names for people who will be leading various departments under President Donald Trump are controversial, and that of Michael Flynn is no exception.

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Donald Trump

After being fired by the Obama White House in 2014, his return is seen as a dastardly act especially after criticizing Obama on the campaign trail with Trump. Flynn is considered by many in Washington as defying his seniors and being confrontational, even expressing xenophobic views that the incumbent administration felt was too disruptive.

"The New York Times" reports that Michael Rogers met with Trump without the White House's knowledge, which many felt only hints at the defection from Obama during the transition.

Along with a Republican Party which has ignored the president for much of his time in office -- now that the GOP knows that they have more power in Washington in Congress and in the White House starting next year, sitting out the rest of his presidency until Trump's inauguration, is an easy feat.

The suggestion to remove Michael Rogers came from Defense Secretary Ash Carter and national intelligence director James Clapper last month.

During that time Clapper said he would resign as director before Trump's inauguration in January, right up to the day. It would then be for his position that Rogers would be taking over.

Obama's last stand

During the President's final speech, the response to some of his statements could be considered timid as some soldiers did not applaud. Much like the nation, the room was divided. The President seemed to acknowledge this by saying that people should have the freedom to be critical of their president, which received applause.

He also seemed to throw some hints of what the incoming administration might bring, by talking about the view Republicans have to say that America is at war with Islam, or when former administrations had spied on American citizens. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to surveil Muslim communities, put a ban on Muslim refugees and bring back torture using whatever means he felt are necessary to fight terrorism.

The President also made his argument for why his administration has been more surgical in their efforts to fight terrorism in the Middle East, and not use the military impulsively to settle conflicts. He also explained how that only motivates terrorists to recruit more. When President Obama entered the Oval office, he ran on the promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay and to end both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now after serving two full terms, the President has not been able to meet those goals and is also weighed down with Russia in Syria. Lately, President-elect Donald Trump has come to admit that he "really" likes the President.

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