Partners for Pets is an animal shelter in Illinois that goes above and beyond the call of duty by reaching out to "kill shelters" and saving Dogs and cats who are doomed to be euthanized, as well as taking on the care of pets who are in need of medical attention that normal shelters are unable to provide. According to their website, Partners for Pets also offers the unique and desperately needed service of fostering animals until they have been chosen for adoption. While 95 percent of their dogs and cats are housed in the shelter, the remaining 5 percent are fostered in homes of volunteers.

One violent dog abuse victim stands out

Quite possibly the most heartbreaking story belongs to a sweet, spaniel-mix dog who was found lying with its throat slit, surrounded by a pool of blood. On Thanksgiving Day, 2015, Casey was found by an unnamed woman who quickly called the police, reports The Telegraph. When responding officer Jake Simmons noticed the dog was still alive, he put in a call to animal control officer Steve Bosaw, who was off that day due to the holiday. Nevertheless, Bosaw hurried out to see if the abused canine could be helped. He was surprised to find that, although the animal was lying at death's door, he was not at all threatening.

"He wasn't unconscious, he was lying in a pretty good pool of blood.

When I picked him up, I thought he would bite me like an injured animal would do, but he didn't. He was a nice dog." The knife wound to Casey's neck was estimated at around 6 to 8 inches. Lisa McCormick, director of Partners for Pets, described the dog as nice, friendly, and mellow, which was a great surprise considering his life-threatening injuries.

At first, the origin of the canine's wounds were a mystery, but as time wore on, it became clear that the spaniel had suffered from abuse.

Sadly, the dog was abused by his owner

The Telegraph further reports that the spaniel-mix was determined to have have been abused by his owner. Acting on a tip which resulted from the original article about the battered canine, the Alton police questioned Richard M.

Krieb, a convicted sex offender. Officer Simmons says Krieb admitted to slitting the dog's throat.

"When he came in to register, [Krieb] was interviewed and admitted to harming the dog. He claimed he could not keep the dog anymore." Krieb was charged with a criminal felony which, according to the Madison County records search, is his third such conviction, the previous two including the 2002 criminal sexual assault of a three-year-old child, and another in 2012 for failure to report annually.

Richard Krieb served several months in jail for the abuse, or attempted murder, of the sweet dog. Casey has now made a complete recovery and is ready for adoption.

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