President Obama has entered an executive order streak in his last weeks in the Oval Office. No doubt, there is a panic that has set in among Democrats in Washington, D.C. The Obama administration is moving quickly to block as much of Trump's agenda as they can before the President-elect takes office at the end of January. Emotions are running high on both sides of the table as the Republican party gets news of all the work they are going to have to try to undo.

Environmental protections

Trump has been excessively clear on his stance about the environment. His denial of climate change and support of big oil companies has put scientists and environmentalists on edge. President Obama has just signed a ban on drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. In an attempt to avoid more damage to these areas caused by drilling and oil spills, this ban will not be easily lifted without a massive court battle.

Damage to the Arctic has been extreme in recent decades and completely ignored by the Republican party for the most part. Many Republicans deny that climate change and environmental damage even exist. Obama has also created two new National Monuments in the American West. This makes the total of National Monuments established by the Obama Administration 29 to be exact. Bears Ears, UT is approximately 1.35 millions acres of land that is now protected under the Antiquities Act of 1906.

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Donald Trump

The mushroom-shaped rock formation in Gold Butte, NV is also now protected. It spans 300,00 acres of land between Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon. Trump is not expected to respond to these new monuments, as no president has ever reversed a national monument before.

International relations and diplomacy

One of the primary concerns on every Democrat's mind is the involvement of Russian hackers in the Presidential Election this year.

With evidence piling up from the CIA, President Obama has issued sanctions against six Russian individuals and 5 Russian entities, two of which are intelligence agencies. Two Russian compounds in Maryland and New York have been closed, and 35 Russian diplomats have been ejected from the United States under accusations of funding cyber attacks and hacking during the election process. In response, Maria Zakharova, a Russian spokeswoman, has threatened US diplomats in Russia with expulsion.

Putin has made no comment on the situation. Trump stated that it is time for the United States to "move on." In addition, the Obama Administration has shown its support for the UN's condemnation of Israeli settlements. This move is based on Obama's firm belief that a two-state solution is the only way to go to bring peace to the region.

Homeland Security

President Obama has also dismantled the Department of Homeland Security's National Registry.

This was established under the Bush Administration and was used to target and track Arab-Muslim men inside the United States. This registry has been inactive since 2011 and is now officially closed. One of the prominent platforms Trump ran his campaign on was a ban on all Muslims entering the country and a registry for those already here. This will be much harder for him to accomplish now. If he wishes to executive his plan to register all Muslims, he will have to start from scratch as the framework for this registration process has been dismantled. There are still a few weeks left for Obama in the Oval Office. He is continuing his work, attempting to block Trump's agenda before he takes his leave.

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