New York City taxpayers are currently footing the bill for President-elect Donald Trump security expenses, something Mayor Bill de Blasio wants the U.S. government to reimburse the city for — to the tune of $35 million. However, due to a rather outdated federal code, the government isn't required to pay the city back.

After the election in November, it was initially estimated that the cost to protect Trump would be $1 million per day, but CNN Money reports that Mayor De Blasio revised that number down to about $500,000 per day — a figure that will add up to roughly $35 million for the time between last month's election and the January 20 U.S.

Presidential Inauguration.

Mayor De Blasio wants the city's money back — stat!

During a news conference on December 5, Mayor De Blasio stated that he will be requesting reimbursement for the estimated $35 million in security expenses to President Obama, Congress, and administration officials in D.C. despite the fact that a federal code doesn't require the government to do so.

During a press conference on Monday, De Blasio stated that security expenses for Trump and his family are currently the responsibility of NYC taxpayers and are not reimbursable under existing federal law or programs."

The federal code dates back to 1976 and allows "cities of up to 7,000 people to seek reimbursement" for this type of security coverage.

Considering the current New York City population exceeds 8.4 million, the city doesn't qualify under the outdated act.

De Blasio feels that the code is "drastically inadequate" for the amount of manpower required to protect President-elect and his family now, not to mention the ongoing security expenses that will be put upon taxpayers for as long as Trump's wife and son live in the city.

Security expenses in NYC will continue after Trump is sworn in

The need for security for the President-elect and his family in the city will continue long past his January 20, 2017, inauguration. Donald Trump's wife Melania and their son Barron plan to live in the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan until at least the end of the school year and Trump plans to visit his home base often.

And every time Donald Trump returns to his Trump Tower home during his presidency, security costs will increase even more.

And how the security costs will be handled is still up in the air with New York City Police Department Commissioner James O'Neill telling CNN that a "post-inaugural plan hasn't been firmed up yet."

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