On the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the United States reflected on one of the most important moments in American history. Some of those responses, however, were not well received.

Newt on Twitter

On December 7, 1941, Japan launched surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii at the United States naval base. The attacks resulted in 2,403 American deaths, and was one of the main reasons the United States officially entered World War 2. On Wednesday, memorials were held in Hawaii and Washington, with veterans, current soldiers, and government officials paying their respects to those who gave their life for the United States.

While respect was the main theme of the day, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a different take, which was seen on his offical Twitter account on December 7.

"75 years ago the Japanese displayed professional brilliance and technological power launching surprises from Hawaii to the Philippines," Newt Gingrich tweeted in an apparent praise of Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. In a follow-up tweet, Gingrich, wrote, "Japanese planning and training let them also carry out surprise attacks in Hong Kong and Malaysia.It was widest surprise attack in history."

Twitter reaction

The reaction to Gingrich's tweet was, as expected, not welcome.

Guitarist Matt Philips sent a strong message to Gingrich, tweeting, "This is a shameful think to post on Pearl Harbor day. 2,400 Americans lost their lives." Others pointed to their family members who fought, with some dying, during the war and weren't pleased with the former Speaker of the House's message.

"Yeah! I'm sure my grandfather really appreciated that professional brilliance as thousands fought and died around him at PH," one tweet read.

Freelance writer Eric D.

Snider decided to mock Gingrich's tweet by replacing the Japanese for Muslims extremists. "15 years ago the Muslim extremists displayed professional brilliance and strategy launching surprises from New York to D.C.," Snider responded. Another user brought up the alleged political hypocrisy, pointing out what the reaction would be if a Democratic politician sent out the same tweet as Gingrich. "Yeah, pretty much. Imagine a Democrat saying this? Would assholes be defending it?," the tweet read.

Trump's response

Usually the one who is criticized for his Twitter rants, Donald Trump sent out a tweet that would be expected from a president-elect.

"We pause today to remember the 2,403 American heroes who selflessly gave their lives at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago," the billionaire real estate mogul wrote. In just over a month, Trump will be sworn in as the next commander in chief, while he continues to fill in the remaining spots in his cabinet. As of press time, Newt Gingrich has not been selected, though his name as been rumored for several positions.

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