Mitt Romney got the call from Donald Trump telling him he didn't get the top job of Secretary of State before Trump revealed his choice. If you are waiting for more disturbing mud-slinging to spew forth from Romney, you will be disappointed. The mean and cruel Trump-talk that Romney embarked on during the presidential campaign disappeared when Trump called upon the former governor for an interview.

Romney did not revert to mud-slinging

Apparently putting a halt to his Trump bashing wasn't contingent upon Romney getting the job because his Facebook post this morning about being by-passed for the job was overly cordial.

Mitt took to Facebook and posted his reply to Trump's call, which can be seen below.

Too many bridges burned?

These are the words that Romney supporters wouldn't expect from the former Governor of Massachusetts. When Trump was campaigning for president, Romney had some of the most disparaging words to toss his way. He was downright mean and cruel. An article from CBS News back in March captured Romney's verbal thoughts on Trump, starting with Romney calling Trump "very, very not smart!"

He continued in days that followed by calling the campaigning Trump " a phony" and "a fraud." He called Trump's style of campaigning "absurd third grade theatrics." Other words he used to describe Trump were "bullying," and "greedy" and he also commented that Trump was "showing off the misogyny."


These weren't terms of endearment and the fact that Trump even considered talking to Romney about the Secretary of State position after being lambasted by the man was perplexing to many.

There were droves of folks that objected to Romney being awarded the Secretary of State position because of his behavior towards Trump during the campaign.

Reason for by-passing Romney?

It is not known why Trump by-passed Romney for the job and decided to appoint Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson to the post instead. After meeting with Romney several times it looked pretty promising to the former governor, reports the Huffington Post.

At one point it looked as if Romney would get the position, but it could be that the backlash over Trump considering him became too great to navigate.

Trump is going to have too much on his plate to start a debacle over picking Romney for that position. When it boils down to it, this could be the result of Romney burning too many bridges with his disturbing mud-slinging earlier in the year.

Mitt gracious

Romney did not revert back to that disturbing mode of behavior when he was told he wouldn't be the next Secretary of State. He took the news rather graciously and this could possibly work at rebuilding his reputation for being that good guy that put Massachusetts and the Olympics back on track.

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