Aghast is probably not a word strong enough to describe how the few Christians living in North Korea must feel after hearing their tyrant’s declaration that #Christmas would be all about his granny. Reportedly, Kim Jong Un wanted Christians to observe and celebrate his late grandmother Kim Jong-suk and not the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. Dubbed the “Sacred Mother of the Revolution,” many already visit Jong-suk’s tomb to pay their respects. Born on Christmas Eve in 1919, Jong-suk was the wife of the hermit state’s first dictator Kim II Sung, a communist and anti-Japanese guerilla activist. Kim Jong-suk died in 1949 under mysterious circumstances.

News of this latest disturbing decision comes a few months after rumors of the unstable dictator allegedly having ordered the execution of a government official for exhibiting poor posture during a meeting. In September, the Daily Mail reported that the education minister Kim Yong-Jin was shot and killed for his bad sitting habits. And there are also those pesky “where is Kim Jong Un’s wife” questions that never seems to get answered.

Apparently, Kim Jong Un hates Christmas more than the Grinch

Kim, who is so obsessed with forcing the hostile takeover of Christmas, had a meltdown in 2014 and threatened an all-out war when he got word that South Korea had intentions of erecting a giant Christmas tree along the border. Though he may hate Christmas trees, there are no shortage of them in the capital of Pyongyang.

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At one time, the capital city had more Christian residents than any other city in Korea, including a seated Catholic bishop. But everything changed in the 1950’s when Christian activities were practically put to an end. According to several human rights groups, there are approximately 50,000 to 70,000 imprisoned Christians, and the groups rank North Korea as the worst persecutor of Christians across the globe.

Land of persecution

North Korea has maintained the number one spot on Open Door’s “World Watch List” for 15 years. They state that even owning a Bible in that county is punishable by death. Many parents keep their Christian faith a secret even from their children for fear of them accidentally telling friends, neighbors, teachers, and/or government officials. #Religion #WeirdWorldNews