Kid Rock has already begun capitalizing on America's most controversial election this year by releasing a line of Pro-Trump merchandise, including T-shirts and caps. Kid Rock has been a public supporter of Donald Trump since February and in a Rolling Stone interview stated that he is "digging Donald Trump" and "Let the business guy run the country like a business."

All about Kid Rock's Pro-Trump Merchandise

The "American Bad Ass" singer has expanded his existing merchandise line to include numerous Pro-Donald Trump attire. The Rockstar announced the release of this line via his twitter account stating, "Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to go ahead and actually make this & other current event merch" while wearing one of his T-shirt designs from the line that cost $24.99 each.

The singer was further prompted to release the line of clothing after a photoshopped photo of him in Pro-Trump gear went viral on social media.

The line includes shirts that say "God, Guns & Trump" as well as others that many are finding offensive, but perhaps that is also part of the appeal. Kid Rock's new line also includes a baseball cap that reads: "Make America Badass Again, along the lines of "Make America Great Again," a slogan that was an integral part of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

What is Social Media saying?

The line has caused quite a divided uproar via social media. Some people approve of the political merchandise, while some are in full disagreement -- stating that it may cause even further division in America at a sensitive time when unity is of the utmost importance.

Some people support it wholeheartedly:

"@AllenWest Freedom rocks! Keep it up @KidRock you know who your fans are. Love the shirts...Keep them coming!" Deplorable Jeremy wrote on Twitter.

While there has certainly been support for this new line, there has also been equal opposition:

"@KidRock Even if I was a Trump supporter, which I'm not, I wouldn't wear that.

It causes too much division. America needs to heal not divide," @powerbeard9779 wrote on Twitter.

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