Since the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump made it clear that he was playing by a set of his own rules. Just three weeks after he was elected as the next commander in chief, it appears Trump will continue down the path of uncertainty.

Trump's Taiwan call

In yet another break from the traditional norms of American politics, Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday. The phone call was the first that a United States president, or president-elect, has spoke with the leader of Taiwan in nearly 40 years. The latest president to do so was Jimmy Carter in 1979, when the United States cut their diplomatic ties with the country.

Backlash quickly followed, as critics warned that the phone call could have a negative effect on the United States' relationship with China. This issue was a hot topic of discussion during the December 2 edition of "Anderson Cooper 360" on CNN.

(Full interview above)

Joining CNN host Anderson Cooper was former Trump campaign manager, and current senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway. Right out of the gate, Cooper informed Conway that the United States, for the better part of four decades, "doesn't recognize Taiwan as its own nation," and "doesn't support Taiwan independence." Cooper also cited a critical tweet sent out by Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who stated "this is how wars start," in reference to Trump's break in protocol.

Conway didn't have much to say in regards to the substance of Murphy's comment, and instead labeled it "pretty negative and presumptive."

Continuing, Cooper told Conway that "This has been long-standing U.S.

policy towards China—not to recognize Taiwan." Conway answered back "right," before taking an awkward pause, then responding that she couldn't discuss any other details about the incident.

(Clip of the interview in the tweet above.)

Conway tried to compare Donald Trump to President Obama on their interaction, or lack thereof, with Taiwan.

After Conway insisted that Trump was "fully briefed and fully knowledgeable about these issues on an ongoing basis," Anderson Cooper would later go on to ask, "does he use it thought?"

Trump's response

After hours of criticism from the mainstream media, Donald Trump went to a familiar place to vent his anger. As seen on his offical Twitter account on Friday night, Trump claimed that Tsai Ing-wen was the one who contacted him, and later in a follow-up tweet, took a shot at alleged hypocritical United States foreign policy when it comes to Taiwan.

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