David Cobb, the campaign manager for Jill Stein, offered an 18-minute online video on Friday about the status of the efforts for the recount pertaining to the November 2016 American presidential election. Near the start of his video statement Cobb stated that he had some "cutting-edge announcements." After the first few minutes of the video, he gets away from the "announcements" and talks about the importance of several political issues and movements.

Activists converge on Wisconsin

"In Wisconsin," David Cobb stated, "we have beaten back multiple efforts to actually stop the recount." Cobb states that judges can't force a hand/manual recount to be done however he said that "In Wisconsin the federal judge...did 'strongly implore' county officials across the state to use hand recounts." Cobb, shortly after providing that update, then makes an interesting statement on the matter of the Wisconsin hand recounts.

He says that three counties in Wisconsin are refusing to do hand recounts. Interestingly enough these three counties are ones that are under suspicion it seems: "Here's something interesting," Cobb stated. "Three specific counties are refusing to do (hand recounts). In counties where...'statistical anomalies showed a different result than expected.'"

The counties where the results were anomalous are arguably the ones the matter of the recount is most pertinent to. As a response, Cobb states that the activists involved in protecting election integrity are "mobilizing" with these counties as a target. Certainly it is interesting that anyone would oppose a recount or not want to verify the results of something as important as a national election.

David Cobb update not all about news

Cobb plugs for the Green Party after talking about Wisconsin activist efforts. He then shifts over to Michigan updates where he claims that the Donald Trump campaign has tried to stop the recount, a matter that Cobb says will "now go to the Michigan supreme court." Cobb also claims that Trump is "trying to stop the recount" in Pennsylvania while wondering what Trump is trying to hide.

The video as a news update perhaps contains a lot of fluff. The first few minutes contain information about the recount and its progress. After that Cobb talks about activism, his opinions, and other matters. If you watch the video then the first five minutes is where news regarding the recount is most discussed.

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