When it became clear that Donald Trump was going to be the next president-elect, millions of Americans were left scratching their heads. After Jill Stein of the Green Party filed a recount in three states, Trump's legal team has attempted to put a halt to their efforts, but not before some interesting information was found.

Recount trouble

Donald Trump was declared the winner in Wisconsin, defeating Hillary Clinton by just over 27,000 votes. After Clinton campaign chair John Podesta was informed of possible election hacking, impacting up to 30,000 votes, questions were raised if a recount would be possible.

Jill Stein was able to raise over $5 million, and filed recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, instantly causing backlash from conservative critics in the process. As reported by LawNewz on December 3, Stein's offical website has produced, what they say, is clear evidence of election fraud in various voting machines.

According to a short statement listed on Jill Stein's offical website, at least five voting machines have been tampered with. "Five of the nine machines being used in the recount have tampered seals," the statement reads, before noting, "Photos of two are attached.

Photo of seal, followed by photo of serial number." LawNews attempted to contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission to comment on the situation, but no response has been given as of press time.

The aforementioned pictures were also released on the website, and show that the seal on five machines were tampered with, and broke.

A ripped label clearly reads, "Removal of Label Voids Warranty." While the vote recount is continuing in Wisconsin, the former host of "The Apprentice" is actively working with the Michigan state attorney general to block the recount in the Great Lake State.

Snopes check

After further investigation, the fact-checking website "Snopes" have declared Stein's claim of election tampering as "unproven." While not rating the statement false, Snopes notes that the claim "lacked details about the process of sealing voting equipment in Wisconsin or elsewhere, evidence the machines were photographed in St.

Croix during recount efforts, or any information above and beyond those brief remarks." As of press time, the claims of tampering appear to hold water, but it's too early to officially label them true.

Next up

While the recounts look to be continuing in at least three states, Donald Trump's claim of alleged pro-Clinton voter fraud in California, Virginia, and New Hampshire appear to be unfounded. After it was announced that the recounts were taking place, the billionaire real estate mogul lashed out on Twitter and accused millions of illegal immigrants of voting and helping Hillary Clinton win the popular vote, though those claims have since been debunked.

Despite the best efforts by his critics, Donald Trump has less than 50 days before he is sworn in as the next commander in chief, which is set to take place on January 20.

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