Is Team Hillary Clinton trying to overturn the results of the election? According to Hot Air, they are at least making a good show of doing so. The Washington Post story that suggested that Russia made an attempt to influence the outcome of the election has provided some impetus to a plan to persuade enough electors to deny Donald Trump the presidency. Never mind that there is less to the Russian story than meets the eye.

Four problems exist for this scheme.

First, it is going to fail.

Second, Team Hillary is just going to wind up looking silly for even trying.

Third, even if the plot succeeds the election would get thrown to the House, which would duly confirm Trump as president.

Fourth, even if for some reason Hillary Clinton became president, after all, over 60 million Trump voters, confident that they had succeeded in electing a champion that would end Washington corruption and incompetence, would conclude that American democracy had been overturned and would be moved to insurrection.

The reaction of some Democrats to the election of Trump has been nothing short of demented. The reports of liberal women losing their libido because of the Orange Haired Overlord is just the silliest aspect of the phenomenon. The open efforts to rig the Electoral College system to change the outcome of the election is something new in the history of American politics.

Mind, it is inconceivable that it will come to violence.

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The electors will meet as planned and, aside from a few faithless ones who want to make a point, they will duly confirm Donald Trump as president of the United States and Mike Pence as vice president.

However, the problem of perhaps millions of Hillary supporters who are so terrified of Trump in the White House that they refuse to accept reality and, when they do, spiral downward into despair and melodrama.

How the country deals with this mental health crisis is something that is yet to be determined.

Of course, in a year or so, when President Trump has not set up concentration camps and has not started arresting people without cause, perhaps the Hillary people will start to calm down and accept the notion that things are not as bad as all that. If the economy is booming and ISIS is on the ash heap of history, perhaps they might even wonder what the fuss is all about.

Or maybe spurred on by every rumor to pop up on social media, they will remain in a frenzy.

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