Unite for America have created a celebrity-stuffed PSA begging GOP electors to change their vote, and are rewriting election history to build their case. Billing itself as a multi-partisan group, they are hoping to get 37 electors to vote their conscience and deny President-elect Donald Trump the 270 votes needed in the electoral college. If 37 defect, the vote would go the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

On their site, they say this has happened before in history, and use the 1800 election of President Thomas Jefferson as an Orwellian example of the House of Representatives and the electoral college being activated to “solve a crisis like today’s.” They don’t, however, tell you what happened in the 1800 presidential election, which would cast a dark shadow over their dubious goals.

The 1800 election

Considered one of the most bitter races in election history, Federalist Aaron Burr was running as vice president on the same ticket as Democratic-Republican President Thomas Jefferson. At that time, ballots didn’t distinguish between votes for president and those of vice president. Since both won the same number of electoral votes (73), the election was ultimately decided by the Federalist-controlled House of Representatives. After much lobbying by Federalist Party leader Alexander Hamilton (he didn’t like Burr), a majority voted for Jefferson on February 17, 1801.

It took 36 ballots.

Because of the problems with the 1800 election, Congress proposed and eventually passed the Twelfth Amendment in June 1804, which forced electors to cast separate ballots for president and vice president. The amendment replaced the process outlined in Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the constitution.

Does any of this sound like today’s so-called crisis?

The electoral college

Unlike this year’s election and contrary to the musings of left-wing activists trying to undercut the Trump presidency, the electoral system was created to achieve multiple goals. One was preventing heavily populated states from having more influence over less populated, rural states.

Another was to prevent a president chosen by a small group of men whose purpose was not aligned with the country’s best interests.

Rewriting history

While Democrats are getting history lessons from “Hamilton” the musical, in reality, Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Papers spell out the many advantages of our electoral system over the popular vote. He also maintained electors should cast their votes at separate locations, not in one place, lest they get “threatened or intimidated.” The electoral college was created to stop exactly what these activists are proposing.

But because we live in an interconnected world, GOP electors are getting death threats, intimidated, relentlessly emailed, asked to vote for Hillary Clinton, called at work, and terrorized by postal mail. Despite the drumbeat of death threats and electors going to the media with proof, the Department of Justice still hasn’t investigated the illegal coercion.

Trump would still win

And if by some remote possibility they are able to get 37 Republican electors to switch their vote to someone else (which most experts say won’t happen), it would go to the House of Representatives and Senate.

Once that happens, congress can only vote for a person who received an electoralvote. The House would vote for the president, in which case it’s GOP controlled and they would vote for Trump. In the Senate, they would vote for Pence, also controlled by Republicans.

Unite for America say they are trying to “mend the deep wounds” caused by the election, but in reality, they are telling millions of Americans who voted for Trump their votes don’t count. And trying to use Hollywood D-listers to get stalwart electors to change their vote didn’t work getting Hillary elected. It’s highly doubtful it will work now.

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