A message from President Martin Sheen and friends

One of the more bizarre post-election political commercials is an offering by a group of obscure Hollywood types, most of them formally famous, led by Martin Sheen, begging Republican electors to vote for anyone but Donald Trump. Sheen, it should be noted, played the president of the United States in a series called “The West Wing,” a kind of liberal fantasy as a Bill Clinton without the libido.

Other C-list actors include Mike Farrell and Loretta Swit of “MASH.”

Please, please overturn the results of Election 2016

The theory behind the ad is that if just 37 “patriotic” and “brave” Republican electors were to vote for anyone besides Trump, the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives which would, presumably, election someone other than the actual winner of the election. The actors stress that they are not asking anyone to vote for Hillary Clinton, which is a relief in many ways.

The Return of the Manchurian Candidate

Mind, the ad is informed in part by the conspiracy theory that is being floated in the media that Trump is a real-life “Manchurian Candidate” under the control of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It took the election of a rude, crude real estate tycoon and reality TV star to make the Hollywood left afraid of Russia for the first time since the blacklist days. Now all that is necessary is that we find out that Ivanka is inviting her dad to pass the time by playing a little solitaire.

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What about Bill and Hillary Clinton?

The notion that Trump is unqualified by temperament to be president is a charming one, all things considered. Bill Clinton, who won the presidency twice, is an accused serial rapist. Hillary Clinton, who ran for president twice, was a rape enabler. Barack Obama, whose personal life has been without reproach (something that his admirers are always quick to point out) often regarded the Constitution as a set of suggestions.

Tom Hanks, the voice of reason

Tom Hanks, a better and more famous actor than all of the people in this commercial put together, once put together a personal video supporting Barack Obama, quipping ironically that, “As an official celebrity, I know I just made up your mind for you.” Hanks had the self-awareness that the ability to realize that being in a movie or two does not lend one moral authority for anything.

He has become the rare voice of reason as the Trump era commences.

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