Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president in the past election, is still providing some unintentional comedy relief in her campaign to prove that the 2016 election was hacked. According to the Washington Free Beacon, she told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that, “people walk around and they reprogram these machines and use, like, a floppy disk.” The statement has caused a lot of guffawing on social media for obvious reasons.

On the one hand, Stein has learned that voting machines are not hooked up to the Internet, making hacking the election very hard. On the other hand, she does not seem to be aware that few if anyone uses floppy disks, a 20th Century technology, anymore. People trying to physically hack computer systems are more likely to use zip drives and other more modern data storage devices.

The image of shadowy people intercepting voting machines and changing votes before they are counted is beguiling for the conspiracy theorist but does not stand up to close examination.

Such an operation would not involve a single group of hackers in Moscow, but hundreds of people infiltrating election organizations to break into individual voting machines one by one. The logistics of such an operation would be mind blowing and the potential for it to be blown all but certain/

Still, the “Putin stole the election” meme is likely to enter the list of conspiracies that include man never went to the moon, 9/11 was an inside job, and Barack Obama is a secret Muslim from Kenya intent on destroying America.

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Donald Trump

The idea does not even make good melodrama. Not too many Hollywood studios would accept such a scenario, except as satire.

In any case, the Stein inspired and Clinton supported recount farce seems to be drawing to a close. A judge has just shut down the recount in Michigan. Recounts elsewhere are not showing any great change in the outcome. Donald Trump is still going to be president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein are still history’s losers. Clinton has had the good grace to withdraw from the public arena. Stein should now do the same.

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