One of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats is how they want to handle social service programs. The issues often float over to the media, with liberal and conservative news outlets putting their own partisan spin on the facts, which was evident during a recent segment on Fox News.

Fox News fraud

It's no secret that the Fox News Channel is known for its conservative opinions. While Fox News promotes themselves as "fair and balanced," they have dominated the cable news airwaves by being the most conservative and right-wing of any network in television.

While Fox News brings in high ratings, that success hasn't come without criticism and instant fact-checking at their claims. Earlier this week, "Fox and Friends" co-host, Abby Huntsman, ran a story that claimed fraud-stamp fraud was at an all-time high. Fact-checkers quickly debunked the story, and as reported by Mediaite on December 30, Huntsman was forced to make an on-air apology.

On Tuesday, Fox News co-host Abby Huntsman told the viewers that "it is estimated $70 million of taxpayer money was wasted on food-stamp fraud," while claiming that fraud with the food stamp program was "at an all-time high." Not long after her comments, the Agriculture Department pushed for the network to walk-back their story, with a spokesperson stating, "We are not quite sure where this came from." The story Huntsman was quoting reportedly ran on Breitbart, which is known to be a far right-wing website that has been accused of publishing questionable and biased information.

On Friday morning, Abby Huntsman apologized during a live broadcast of "Fox and Friends." "The latest information from 2009 to 2011 shows the fraud at 1.3 percent, which is approximately $853 million for each of those three years," Huntsman said, while admitting "nationally food-stamp trafficking is on the decline." Huntsman went on to conclude her statement, saying, "Sorry about that mistake."

More trouble

This isn't the first time that a host on Fox News was forced to make an apology.

Earlier this year, Bret Baier apologized after wrongly reporting that Hillary Clinton would be "likely" indicted over her private email server that she used during her time as Secretary of State.

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